QCP was recently tapped to join world-class designer HOK Architects, Level 10 Construction and the Jay Paul Company to help complete Central Wolfe, a dynamic new tech campus located in Sunnyvale, CA. The collective’s goal was to create a unique site that would set new standards for design and architectural innovation in Silicon Valley.

“I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished at Central Wolfe,” stated Rick Crook, chief executive officer of QCP. “I’m pleased with how we were able to step in and provide great product that enhances the project. This is one of those jobs you want to tell everybody about.”

Designed by HOK, the international architectural engineering firm responsible for many of the world’s most high-profile buildings, skyscrapers and event centers, Central Wolfe is a sprawling, 18-acre LEED Platinum campus with a beautiful balance of functional and open space. In fact, over 50% of the site is open space, including over 90,000 square feet of rooftop gardens, creating endless opportunities for QCP’s striking, precast site furnishings.

Joining the Central Wolfe project meant undergoing one of the most elaborate pre-production processes in QCP’s history. All told, the team put in over 400 hours of shop drawings to achieve the specificity of HOK’s vision. QCP even produced a series of 3-D renderings of each area of the project so that partners could get a clear idea of how the precast furnishings would integrate.


QCP’s pieces were all unique to the Central Wolfe site, created in a series of one-off molds and castings between May and September 2017. One of QCP’s biggest challenges was maintaining consistent colors and textures on pieces that were cast during a five-month span. QCP’s Southern California production facility was up to the task, creating items with impeccable visual continuity and that also lived up to QCP’s durable and exacting standards for fit and finish.

That five-month timeline also brought logistical challenges, with QCP responsible for coordinating the on-time production and delivery of hundreds of precision-made pieces throughout the projects nine-phases of construction—many of which would need to be lifted over the buildings by crane to reach their final placements. With so much personnel and expensive equipment standing by for installation, late delivery of product can inflate building costs quickly and have a devastating impact on the job.

Fortunately, this kind of project coordination is one of QCP’s key strengths. Daily conversations with the Level 10 crew ensured that pieces where delivered when and where they needed to be. The precision of QCP’s coordination combined with the precision of their casting translated to time and money saved onsite—always critical on a large-scale project like Central Wolfe.

“It’s definitely a high-water moment for us to be part of such a high-caliber build,” stated Crook. “This is one of those dream projects. Great developer, great builder, great architect. I couldn’t ask for much more.”