neil250 copy.jpgQCP is pleased to welcome Neil Elenzweig to the team. An industry veteran of over 20 years, Neil will be joining as our new Northern California Regional Sales Manager. In this role, he will be managing the region’s sales team and driving sales throughout the area.

“I’m excited to be a part of a team at both the QCP-company level, as well as at a client-project level,” Neil stated. “I love seeing a client that is proud of their project, and knowing that the organization I work for was involved in that achievement, regardless of the project's size, scope or visibility.”

Neil brings with him 17 years of sales, business and product development in precast and fabricated architectural products, making him an ideal ambassador for the QCP brand. He also spent 8 years as an Executive Recruiter with a focus on the greater AEC industry, including architecture, building materials, construction and related manufacturing industries.

He’ll bring all of this experience to bear as QCP continues to make its mark on a rapidly expanding Northern California market—a region he admires for its innovative spirit. “I love the food, the weather, the natural and urban environments, the great architecture and the amazing cultural diversity,” Neil stated.

Neil joins QCP from his previous role as Principal and Managing Partner for Divergent Source Group, an executive search firm for the build environment. In his diverse career, he has worked on projects ranging from the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas to the decorative physical security upgrades at the United Nations, among other major capital projects.

A natural communicator and dealmaker, Neil relies on not only his skill and business acumen to bring parties together, but his passion for what he does as well as his contagious enthusiasm.

“Doing this has become instinct,” Neil stated. “I understand the triggers that make a good or bad experience, and I love to help clients better understand their options so to find the best solution possible for their specific need. Also my enthusiasm spills over—I get excited and talk loud and captivate everyone I engage with.”

“The bottom line is that I care about what I do—for both my client and my company,” Neil continued. “I just want to create a win-win for everyone involved.”