As a leader in the precast concrete industry, we’re proud to have quite a few feathers in our cap. QCP has become well known for creating innovative precast amenities of exceptional design and build quality, as well as for our hands-on, whatever-it-takes approach to customer service.

However, one of the values that gives us the most satisfaction is our ongoing commitment to sustainability in an industry—and a world—where we can’t afford to be careless with our precious resources.

Since the beginning, QCP has been striving to be more environmentally conscious, finding smarter new ways to make the most of our resources in everything we do.

Some of the steps we have taken to ensure QCP is an environmentally friendly operation include:

●     Each department utilizes its own specific water-recycling system.  Waste water is captured, cleaned and re-used.  Our goal is to only use potable water for drinking and in our concrete mixes.

●     Use of waterless urinals

●     Waste concrete is run thru a reclaimer which separates the rock and sand for reuse.


We are proud to say that with all our efforts in the recycling of our water, we have cut water consumption by 38%-45% in the past year. As we continue to improve our recycling/waste reduction program, our environmental impact on natural resources will also continue to be minimized.

These efforts are just part of our mission to provide greener precast concrete solutions, which also includes helping our clients achieve LEED certification. Ask how QCP can be your partner in reducing the environmental footprint of your next project.