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Cleaning and Maintaining Your QCP Product

Step 1

If the affected area is heavily soiled, lightly water blast the surface to remove any loose dirt, grime, and any other delaminated films or particles. Set the initial spray setting at 500 PSI, and increase gradually (as needed) to its desired pressure to effectively remove stain. However, do not exceed more than 2500 PSI as this may start pulverizing the surface.

Important: Perform this process with caution as this may remove special coatings for specific designs, and aesthetic protections. All coatings used are considered as “permanent” or “non-sacrificial”, and could be removed by this process.

Always consult the manufacturer’s operating manual for specific working instructions, and safety handling of the equipment at all times.

If no water blast equipment is available, use any type of recommended soap cleaning materials below to wash and rub the affected surface.

  • Soap Cleaner: Soft scrub soap containing Citrus Acid w/Lemon Solution (Available in regular hardware stores)
  • Soap Cleaner: Tri-Sodium Phosphate Cleaner diluted in warm water. (Available in regular hardware stores)
  • Cleaning Material: Soft bristles or Sponge (Do not used steel or hard bristles)

Step 2

If the affected area is still stained with ink or other pigmented color, clean the surface area by using any type of recommended solvent cleaner listed below. They can be purchased and used readily.

  • Product: So-Safe Graffiti Remover (Manufacturer: HILTI 1-800-879-8000)
  • Product: Paint Reducer (Regular Hardware Store)
  • Product: ZEP Clean EMS Graffiti Remover (Manufacturer: ZEP Ind.1-877-I-BUY-ZEP)

During the cleaning process always use a clean rag for pouring solvent, and then rub onto the affected area in a circular motion. The process may be repeated several times, and completed when the solvent ceases to take any effect in removing any more stains.

Step 3

After completing Step 1 and Step 2, and the affected surface is still visually non-uniform due to residual presence of graffiti stains, the affected surface may need to be “re-sacked” by a cement colored compound and then re-stained or re-painted according to its original color.

Please contact your sales representative to order a sacking compound and coating (i.e. stain or paint) to use in applying over the affected area. For a professionally finished job, the customer may request field technical support from Quick Crete Products Corp. at an additional cost to the customer, for inquiries please contact y our sales representative for more details.

For any immediate signs of graffiti, the affected surface area must be immediately cleaned within 24-hours. The effectiveness of this procedure will vary depending on the degree of staining, and as a result may sometimes require more extensive surface preparation and restoration work.

Cleaning and Maintaning your CCP Manual